About Me

My name is Nicholas. I was born and raised in the semi-desert that is Laredo, Texas. I am currently a resident of Laredo but plan to move to another part of Texas in the near future. My plan at the moment is to grow in my personal relationship with God as I go through these college years and along the way have as much fun as I can. My reason for attending college at the moment is to garner up a social studies degree in order to teach the said subject(s) and maybe get a masters in divinity so I can be a Pastor one day (maybe).

I am currently struggling with a genetic form of depression and anxiety and am continuously growing in Jesus Christ as He helps me through medications, supplements, family, friends, and rest. Its been a long and horrendously tough journey through this disorder, but for sure the pain is so worth it.

This blog is centralized around my experiences from being a Christian in any way, but especially about my journey through depression and spiritual warfare. With that explanation, one of this blogs primary purposes is to help people become more informed about Spiritual Warfare and mental illness, along with breaking their respective stigmas.

With that out of the way, if you didn’t already know… yes! I Love Jesus! And I want to share my experiences and what Christ has taught me throughout my life to whoever is able to read this blog!

I am an eternally loved son of God, continuously being sanctified into a stronger human being of Him. Life so far has been great, harsh, and breathtaking. I can’t wait to see what God has in store for the future and for what he has in store for those I know.