About Me

My name is Nick. I was born in raised in the great state of Texas. My plan at the moment is to grow in my personal relationship with God as I go through these college years and along the way have as much fun as I can. My reason for attending college at the moment is to garner up a social studies degree in order to teach, then get a masters in order to become a Licensed Professional Counselor.

From 2017 to the beginning of 2019 I was suffering from a a list of disorders: depression, anxiety, Pure O, OCD, delusions, occasionally medication induced-psychosis, and mood instability all caused by everything from genetics (to a massive extent), my body not handling conventional medication well, diet, bad thought patterns and poor lifestyle choices.

From the beginning of that hell, Christ led me to continuously grow in Him as He helped me through the use of medicines, supplements, counseling, bible studying, church community, exercise, and giving me the self-will to push through and get myself better.

I’m 95% better now, its wonderful to be back. Its been a long and horrendously tough journey through these disorders, but the pain was so worth it.

This blog is centralized around my experiences from being a Christian, but especially about my journey through mental illness and spiritual warfare. With that explanation, one of this blogs primary purposes is to help people become more informed about spiritual warfare and mental illness, along with breaking their respective stigmas.

With that out of the way, if you didn’t already know… yes! I Love Jesus! And I want to share my experiences with what Christ has taught me throughout my life to whoever is able to read this blog!

I am an eternally loved son of God, continuously being sanctified into a stronger human being of Him. Life so far has been great, harsh, and breathtaking. Now that its 2019 I can honestly say what God has done in this year alone has made this year the best year of my life! I can’t wait to see what God has in store for the future and for what he has in store for those I know. Welcome to my journey, welcome to a window into my life. I hope the wisdom and knowledge that I have acquired from the experiences that God has allowed into my life can be for your enjoyment and growth too!